Workout Plans For T3 / T4

As per the daily calorie totals it’s all about whether or not you’re training purely for fat loss or muscular sustenance

How To Train Whilst Using The T3 And T4 Hormones

How you’re going to train whilst using each respective hormone depends entirely on what your specific goal is. As per the daily calorie totals, it’s all about whether or not you’re training purely for fat loss or muscular sustenance.

This may sound a little confusing being that those who train for muscular sustenance are also going to want to lose body fat, but the difference in training approach relies on whether or not you’re aiming to sustain your lean tissue mass too. If you’re looking to purely lose fat, then you’ll simply need to perform cardiovascular activity and zero resistance training (provided you have no interest in preserving lean tissue mass.)

If you’re looking to preserve tissue and lose fat, then you need to perform both a combination of resistance training and cardiovascular activity. It should be noted that the frequency of the cardio and resistance training is going to vary for these individuals. As a rough guide,

Should you reach a stage where you’re performing five 60 minute cardio sessions and five resistance training sessions per week in conjunction with a T3 / T4 cycle and you still hit a plateau, start to reduce your carbohydrate count by the equivalent of 50 calories per week until you hit your goal weight.

Cardiovascular Training Guidelines


For those who are performing cardiovascular activity, you simply need to start with three days per week comprising of 30 minutes of sustained activity.

This activity needs to elevate your heart rate to roughly 60 – 70% of its maximum capacity. When you reach your weight loss plateau, you then need to increase this activity by 5 minutes per session over a weekly basis until weight loss continues.

You can perform this activity through any means of your choice including outdoor jogging, cycling, swimming or even power walking. Provided your heart rate elevates to the appropriate zone, you’re burning fat.


Resistance Training Guidelines


When performing resistance training for cutting purposes, you need to adhere to these basic principles (these principles apply to off-season training too):

  • Never use a weight that you can’t appropriately control
  • Always adhere to the recommended rep range
  • Always adhere to the recommended set count
  • Always ensure that you use excellent form on all exercises

When performing a cutting cycle, these guidelines will be effective for preserving lean muscle tissue whilst enhancing overall visibility:

  • Adhere to a rep range of between 8 – 10 reps
  • Adhere to a set count of between 5 – 6
  • Your rest period in between sets should be between 30 – 60 seconds
  • Ensure that you stick to a two second negative period, a one second squeeze at the bottom and a two second positive phase
  • Ensure that 80% of the exercises you perform are isolation exercises, and the other 20% are compound movements

Should you train according to these guidelines, you’re sure to see favourable results whilst using thyroid hormones.