Can T3 And T4 Be Used Effectively
With Anabolic Steroids?

“It can literally be used to enhance the fat burning effects on offer by almost any cutting phase (associated) steroid”


Yes, they absolutely can!

This doesn’t mean that their conjunctive use with steroids isn’t going to be risky, it simply means that this combination can effectively be put into place to achieve excellent results when managed effectively.

You know enough about using T3 and T4 on a bulking cycle to know that their use is truly limited – with this said, they can still be of benefit when combined with absolutely any bulking steroid in the manner outlined above.

It doesn’t matter whether or not you opted for a “dry” gainer or a “wet” gainer (please note that the previous link is for word definition purposes only – any advice provided within said link does not necessarily reflect the beliefs of either the author of this article or this particular site), you could still incorporate the “T” hormones to a fairly successful degree when following the outlines provided in the “application to a bulking phase” section.

Realistically, it would likely be best to combine them with a dry gaining steroid as this would help to keep fat stores at bay more effectively whilst making marginal muscle gains, provided the user’s nutrition was adequately in check.

In terms of a cutting cycle, this is where we will find either T3 or T4 at their most beneficial and common place of use. They can literally be used to enhance the fat burning effects on offer by almost any cutting phase (associated) steroid.

This includes the likes of winstrol, anavar, trenbolone and masteron to name but a few.

It’s worth noting that for athletic purposes, one could actually opt to use T3 for its nutrient uptake enhancement effects in conjunction with the likes of growth hormone or anavar to advance their physical performance, spike their energy levels and enhance their recovery all at once, provided their nutritional practices were perfect.


The Effects of T3 And T4 Cycles

Whilst this would theoretically prove to be a powerful combination in terms of physical output capacity, it would not necessarily be the best means of achieving this end result. There are less “risky” options out there in regards to weight and muscle loss potential during a circumstance like this, as previously mentioned (like viagra or cialis for example.)

Back onto conjunctive steroid use for a moment; keep in mind that should you not implement any cycle therapy properly or use T3 or T4 in a reckless manner, you run the risk of shutting down both your organic synthesis of testosterone and of thyroid hormones at the same time.

This could be disastrous to say the least. Whilst cutting (and bulking with thyroid hormones, it’s always best to ensure that you do not combine them with products that have a harsh “shut down” effect on the body’s natural hormonal output.

Within the above circumstances (bulking and cutting), you’ll find that a bulking phase is where this issue is most likely to be encountered – with that said, trenbolone can be pretty nasty in this regard too and it’s often included during cuts (primarily, actually.)

For this reason, you need to make sure that you run an effective PCT phase and, if possible, include a controlled means of elevating your testosterone levels (like test propionate used in a minimal capacity) when using harsher products like trenbolone throughout your cycle.

Luckily, we can fairly easily help you avoid any of these issues by providing you with a few cycle examples that we believe are equally as effective as they are controllable in this regard.

We’ll highlight any cycles that we deem to be of a risky nature shortly and provide details on how best to counteract that risk.

All in all – it would actually be difficult to recommend using either of these thyroid hormones without conjunctive steroid use for the purpose of aesthetic development for those with existing anabolic / fat burning product experience.

They simply tie in perfectly with the positive benefits on offer by steroids, especially during a cutting phase. If you manage the associated risks, their integration can yield truly excellent results.