Cytomel T3 Before and After


Cytomel may not be an androgenic anabolic steroid, but it is definitely a synthetic Triiodothyronine (T3) thyroid hormone that bodybuilders from around the world find to be very helpful when they decide to kick-off a cutting cycle.

Cytomel consists of 3 iodine ions and amino acid tyrosine metabolites. When taken (orally), the metabolic rate of the user is enhanced causing him or her to burn more fat, protein and carbs. The consequence of this is a drop in body weight which is the goal of any cutting program.

While Cytomel is a prescription medication that was originally designed to provide hypothyroidic patients with much needed T3, bodybuilders have now tapped into the benefits (enhanced metabolism) the drug provides in regulating their weight.

Using Cytomel as a Bodybuilder

Male and female bodybuilders can include Cytomel when planning a cutting program. This drug can also be taken along with anabolic steroids which makes it a great choice amongst bodybuilders as a synthetic weight regulating drug.

When consumed there is an increase in lipolysis and so excess body fat is shed in the process. Although it must be mentioned that good proteins as well as carbohydrates will also be burnt when Cytomel is used. This is why a well thought out workout program that also includes a dietary plan is important before you start using this synthetic thyroid hormone medication.

With Cytomel, you will be able to keep a very low body fat. Bodybuilders who use steroids along with this drug claim that the steroids are much more effective, primarily due to the quicker rate at which the protein in their body is converted.

Some bodybuilders with weight issues also combine Cytomel with Clenbuterol and this helps them to burn more body fat and lose a significant amount of weight. Cytomel is also capable of ensuring that you maintain a daily caloric mark of just within 1,000.

For women looking to engage in a cutting program, the recommended daily dosage should be 50 mcg. Women have a slower metabolic rate and are more prone to the side effects of this synthetic thyroid hormone than men.

On the other hand, male bodybuilders should not consume more than 100 mcg per day. This drug can be taken daily for a period of 42 days or 6 weeks, but should not be taken for a period exceeding this timeline.

In addition, bodybuilders should abstain from taking Cytomel for a period of 60 days or a minimum of 2 months after they have completed their course. Bodybuilders that continually consume significantly high doses of Cytomel over an extended period of time, put themselves in danger of chronic thyroid deficiency.

A 21 day or 3 week Cytomel cycle is ideal to start with which can then be alternated with another 21 day or 3 weeks of Clenbuterol use. To avoid serious health issues from the use of Cytomel, it is better to start with a dosage or cycle that is safe.

The results of following a well structured Cytomel cycle  can be astonishing to a bodybuilder. The idea is to achieve the body mass index (BMI) that is best suited to your gender and age. In this case, it is important to know what your expected BMI should be before you begin a cycle and upon reaching your goal, you can then stop using the synthetic thyroid hormone.

On a final note, remember to always ensure that you do not exceed both the duration of use and daily dosage to avoid health issues in the future.