Cytomel Overdose Symptoms


Like most drugs, you can overdose on Cytomel. It is easy to get tempted to use a dosage higher than the prescribed or recommended daily dosage, especially when you experience positive signs of weight loss if you are a bodybuilder.

However, no matter how tolerant you may think you are to takingĀ  this drug, you need to exercise restraint and discretion when using Cytomel in your cutting program.

The ideal daily dosage and duration of use for women is 50 mcg per day for a period of between 3 to 6 weeks. For male bodybuilders, the most suitable daily dosage is 100 mcg also for a period of 3 to 6 weeks.

Apart from your gender, your use of Cytomel should also be dependent on your current weight and age. It is important to know that when using Cytomel in shedding weight, you should have a weight goal in mind.

You can use a Body Mass Index (BMI) chart to know what your weight should be depending on your age, height and other indices before you begin using Cytomel.




Possible Cytomel Overdose Symptoms

Cytomel overdose symptoms vary from person to person and may range from mild to severe. Some of the common symptoms of an overdose include:

1- Headaches: Headaches are quite common with people that overdose on Cytomel. The headaches may come and go or be more persistent and they usually come with dryness of the mouth similar to feelings of dehydration.

2- Profuse Sweating: Another symptom of Cytomel overdose is persistent sweating. The sweating may also occur even when the weather is cool and not humid.

3- Diarrhoea: Diarrhoea is another overdose symptom. You may also feel nauseous and even experience occasional vomiting.

4- Body Weakness: You could be tired for no apparent reason, especially after you have had a good rest. Body weakness may also be accompanied by aches and pains.

5- Chest Pain: Tightness and pain in the chest is also a common symptom of an overdose. This is usually accompanied by a shortness of breath and a fast heart rate.

6- Restlessness: It is not unusual to be restless and anxious if you overdose on Cytomel. You would also experience nervousness, a sense of confusion and be easily irritable as well.

7- Irregular Menstrual Cycle: An irregular menstrual cycle is quite common amongst females that overdose on Cytomel.

8- Swollen hands and feet: It is not uncommon to experience swelling in your hands and feet. Peripheral edema is a quite common symptom and the build-up of fluid in the body tissues can be linked with Cytomel overdose.

9- Sleeping Issues: An overdose can also cause the sufferer to experience sleeping problems. Insomnia is not an unusual symptom with periorbital puffiness a common occurrence as well.

Cytomel Overdose Treatment

The one surefire way of treating a Cytomel overdose is to stop using the drug for a while. You can also reduce the dosage if the symptoms you experience are not that severe. Where a person overdosing on Cytomel experiences congestive heart failure, then cardiac glycosides along with the administration and maintenance of oxygen ventilation may suffice.